USA Today Special Edition | Homeland Security 2020

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Draining, the forgotten player in the fight against COVID-19

26 Nov 2020
And without frequent cleaning, a biofilm forms in the drains and pipes and contaminants could end up sticking to it. Furthermore, if you have a building which has been closed for many months, chances are that no one has been keeping the p-trap wet inside of the drain and there’s no continuous flow of water, says Bocchino.

Are Businesses Prepared to Handle Infection Control?

November 11, 2020
Biofilm, which is a collection of microorganisms in drain lines, is another persistent issue for many business owners. As it stands, no product on the market cleans and eliminates biofilm entirely. GREEN DRAIN™ can prevent cross-contamination of aerosolized pathogens caused by faulty or evaporated traps.