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IPS® Corporation Becomes Distributor for Green Drain™

Los Angeles, CA

May 4, 2016
Collierville, Tenn., May 4, 2016 – IPS Corporation’s Plumbing Division is pleased to announce the formation of an exclusive distribution agreement with Green Drain™. Green Drain™ produces a trap seal protection device which can be used in new or retrofit construction to prevent sewer gas, bugs and odors from entering the room through a floor drain where the seal has been broken through evaporation or a malfunctioning trap primer. IPS will serve as the exclusive distributor of Green Drain™ waterless trap seals in Plumbing Wholesale, Catalog Supply, Hardware and Retail distribution in North America, Australia and New Zealand.
“We are excited to strengthen the IPS product offering through our agreement with Green Drain™,” said Nick Cassella, IPS Corp. Plumbing Division president. “This partnership is another way that we’re investing and growing our construction products business to add more innovative product offerings under the IPS umbrella for wholesalers and contractors.”
Green Drain™ trap seals will be integrated into the Plumbing Division and will be inventoried in IPS’ two US master distribution centers, as well as in Canada. Green Drain™ trap seals will be available under the IPS “One Order, One Shipment, One Invoice” program.
“The Green Drain product line is the heart of our company and we believe a partnership with IPS Corporation is the best way to bring it to market,” said Jason Bocchino, President and CEO of Green Drain Inc. “Their representation and reputation in the market is top notch.”

About The Green Drain

Green Drain™ trap seals are designed to be inserted into floor drains in order to prevent sewer gases, bugs or odors from entering a room due to a broken seal in the p-trap. The revolutionary design works with most commercially available floor drains and is available in four sizes (2”, 3”, 3.5” and 4”). Green Drain will also fit directly into most 2”, 3”, 3.5” and 4” pipes.
This device may not be used in lieu of a trap seal primer

About IPS® Corporation

IPS® Corporation is the leading manufacturer of solvent cements, primers and sealants for all markets and applications – plumbing and roofing products – as well as structural and assembly adhesives. In the US and around the world, specifiers, contractors, pipe-fitter, plumbers and fabricators choose our professional grade products for their proven superior reliability, innovative features and performance, which save time and offer unmatched guarantee of first-time right and longer service life. More information is available at

Green Drain PMP 2016 Spring Rebate

April 1, 2016
From now until June 30, PMPs who buy one 24-count box of any size Green Drain floor drain trap seal will receive a $48 per box ($2 per unit) rebate direct from the manufacturer.