FedEx Corporation

How have we remedied these odors at the FedEx Niles location?

Nobody enjoys drain odor and other potential issues. Drains allow coronavirus and other pathogens to contaminate indoor areas, exposing occupants to severe health risks. Millions are spent pouring toxic chemicals into drains in a failed attempt to stop pathogens. Green Drain™ is a cost-saving, environmentally friendly, one-way valve that installs in seconds. Creating a barrier that prevents infectious diseases from spreading, as well as blocking toxic gases, odors, cockroaches, fruit flies, radon, and back-flow-related flooding. We have used the following product in all of our bathroom drains, and this has not only eliminated our odor problem, but it has made our internal customers safer, which is very important today. You know I rarely do this type of thing, but I stand by this product.


Mike Malone , Walking Tree Brewery
Owner and Head Brewer

“Thank you for introducing Green Drain to us. Being an open air brewery, during the summer season we are in a constant battle with fruit flies and mosquitos at and around our floor drains, behind our tasting room bar, as well as our restrooms. Likewise, during the cleaning out of our brewing equipment, we are routinely flushing down fermented malt and barley through our trough drains. After installing your product in all our floor drains, we could see a noticeable difference in the reduction of fruit fly and mosquito activity.

We were also very impressed that the flow rate of our trough drain remained consistent even with the addition of the Green Drain, and that the malt and barley waste passed through easily.

Your product is well made, easy to install, and simple to remove in order to clean. Now I need one for my shower at home.

Thank you!

Sincerely, ”


Pleasanton Unified School District

“My name is Winston Andrews, from the Pleasanton Unified School District. After years of working in schools with high populations, I have dealt with every odor and pest issue imaginable. I have sourced many Products claiming to tackle the issues at hand. As a school district, thousands upon thousands of dollars have been wasted and literally poured down the drain’s to eradicate pest and odor problems.

We decided to try a different approach after getting nowhere with other chemical applicants. We have called upon Green Drain, Inc. to help suggest the best process to eliminate our issues, with little ecological affects. I was pleased to hear that there was a Company out there that has finally “hit the nail on the head.” I called and spoke to a very friendly member of their staff whom assured me that I would not have to search any longer. He provided me with what I needed to hear, a SOLUTION! I decided to go forward with purchasing and outfitting our floor drains in the school. 4 months have gone by and I have yet to have a single complaint or concern since the Green Drain’s were installed.

We are very thankful to have remedied this long lasting issue. Knowing that we are helping reduce our School Districts “Carbon Footprint,” while affectively resolving the issues at hand, have given myself and staff amazing piece of mind. Not to mention the parents of the children attending our schools. The greatest part about their Product is that we no longer have to throw dollars out the window or down the drain by using harmful chemical solutions.

In addition, Green Drain, Inc has some of the friendliest sales staff that I have had the pleasure of dealing. They are extremely informative, knowledgeable and always have suggestions for preventative measures, or "do it yourself" alternatives. I wish all businesses had this kind of customer service!

I just want to say that your company has done a phenomenal job training your staff and your customer service is top notch. We will continue to use Green Drain, Inc. and recommend your company to others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Jeff Bowe
Project Manager, Raven Services Corporation

“I was introduced to this product thru a referral from a trusted colleague. I needed a solution for drains that do not see frequent use in a federal government office complex that consists of a 14 story high rise and three federal court houses. We were experiencing foul odors and frequent finding insect problems in these areas. Once installed the Green Drain solved our issues. No more need to flush the drains or add enzymes. This product really works! My maintenance and housekeeping staff give it a thumbs up! I highly recommend this product if you have similar issues.”


Fred Wilson
Product Specialist, Sysco Central Florida

“We have completed the install of the Green Drain product, installation could not be easier.

I am impressed with the simplistic design and the quality of the materials of construction. We have had issues with pest intrusion at some floor drain locations. Since we have installed these units we have monitored for activity and have found none.

Just with the pest issue resolved alone we are sold, not to mention elimination of drain maintenance and drain odors.



MC Realty Group

“Recently MC Realty Group purchased a couple of dozen of your “Green Drain” floor drain trap seal products. (We manage numerous properties in the Kansas City area).

Due to the extreme amount of mositure we have been receiving lately the insect population has been migrating indoors and through our plumbing. We have tried various products in our traps to detour the bugs from coming into our building with limited success. After installing the “Green Drain” floor trap seal we noticed that the bugs are not infiltrating our janitoral sinks.

Needless to say we will continue to monitor the product but wanted you to know that so far the product has been a “winner”.”


BiCE Restaurant

“The Green Drain team has helped solve any issues I have seen being a restaurant owner. Not only did the Green Drains prevent any embarrassing odors and insects, but saved me tons of money on water and drain deodorizers! I would definitely refer this product to anybody that cares about the reputation of their facility.”


Facilities from Encinitas Union School District

“Cost Efficient Products I just wanted to let you know that your drains are less expensive and last longer than the other brand. One of the benefits is no more blue solution and they are so easy to install. All around they are a much more cost efficient product. Thank You!”


Jeff Tappen , Schreiber Foods
Facility Manager

“Hi ,

The devices are working terrific, we haven’t had any significant issues and the building sure smells better than it used to.

Hope all is well with you. ”