The Green Drain™ helps keep your drains sealed and safe. Simply put, you place it inside your floor drains. It acts like a gate: keeping bad smells, sewer gases, and bugs from coming up while still letting water flow down. It’s easy to install thanks to its flexible silicone sides and works in drains of slightly different sizes. The Green Drain™ opens when water needs to go down and closes when it doesn’t, ensuring nothing can come up through idle drains. Plus, it’s great for any building, whether new or old, even where certain plumbing features, like trap primers, weren’t installed originally.
ModelPipe Size InchHeightL/MGPM
GD1.251.25” (31-36 mm)26 mm22.76.0
GD151.5” (37.45 mm)28 mm30.08.0
GD22″ (46-55 mm)33 mm45.412.0
GD33″ (68-80 mm)51 mm128.734.0
GD353.5″ (85-94 mm)51 mm193.051.0
GD44″ (95-104 mm)51 mm276.373.0
GD55″ (105-130 mm)51 mm
GD66″ (145-155mm)51 mm
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Green Drain™ Waterless Trap Seal

Waterless Drain Trap Seal

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What Makes the Green Drain™ Stand Out?
Green Drain™ vs Others
Why Choose the Green Drain™?

Block Against Pathogens,
Odors, Gases, and Bugs!

Our patented technology creates a one-way valve creates seal to eliminate issues this helps prevent and blocks things getting up through floor drain such as gases smells and even pests.

Protect Your Pipes With a
5-Minute Installation

The Green Drain™ protects your pipes by maintaining a clear and clean waterflow so your pipes always stay safe and secure which helps with longetivity and prevents future problems.

Multi-Patented Floor Drain

Green Drain™ holds a significant number of patents in both the plumbing and water conservation sectors, making us one of the most innovative companies in the industry today.

We’re Certified Globally!

The Green Drain™ is certified in over 100+ countries and supports virtually every industry from residential to commercial and industrial applications.

Easy Installation
Step 1

Remove Grate

Step 2

Insert Green Drain ™

Step 3

Recess 2″ to 4″ 3 Into The Physical Pipe

Step 4

Close Grate

Step 5

Fasten Screws

Frequently Asked Questions​

The Green Drain™ is an environmentally friendly water free trap seal, which can be installed in basically all floor drains without the use of tools.


Green Drain™ has a flexible silicone membrane (1-way valve) which allows liquids to pass freely through, and instantly closes and seals once liquids stop flowing.

The Green Drain™ is the most simplistic remedy for mitigating unwanted sewer odors, sewer gases, pests, and aerosolized pathogens/bacteria, without the use of traditional caustic and harmful chemical applications. A truly Eco-Friendly solution for drain maintenance that replaces water-filled traps, saving costs and reducing maintenance.

Green Drain™ allows water to rinse the membrane and has no “labyrinth” opposite to normal trap seals that collects dirt, hair, and grease.

Green Drain™ can be installed in almost all types of floor drains. In new buildings as well as older buildings. Private houses as well as industrial use with only minimal limitation. Examples of common places: Factories, Schools/Universities, Arenas/Sports Venues, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Food Production Factories, Ships, RV’s, Public Buildings etc.

The Green Drain™ is available in 8 different sizes, which are flexible and cover different measurements as shown below. Our drain fits in almost all floor drains with diameters according to following intervals:

  • GD125 (1.25”): 31-36 mm
  • GD15 (1.5”): 37-45 mm
  • GD2 (2”): 46-55 mm
  • GD3 (3”): 68-80 mm
  • GD35 (3.5”): 85-94 mm
  • GD4 (4”): 95-104 mm
  • GD5 (5”): 105-130 mm 
  • GD6 (6”): 145-155 mm

The Green Drain™ has been approved or tested by the following institutions – among others:

  • Danish Technological Institute – DS/EN 1253-1
  • ETA Denmark – VA approval
  • CE
  • IAPMO R&T- CUPC (American and Canadian national standards)
  • SCC Accredited
  • ANSI
  • ASSE-1072 Standards
  • IAPMO OCEANA- Watermark
  • HACCP International (Hazard Analysis & Critical Care Points) Global Certification – Food Safety
  • NSF (Food Safety)
  • Prop 65 Compliant
  • Test House: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

The Green Drain can be installed without the use of tools after the grating has been removed. Just push the Green Drain into the pipe and make sure it fits snug. For maximum flow of liquids passing down the drain, simply recess The Green Drain 2-3 inches within the drainpipe.

Yes, the Green Drain™ can be installed in a shower drain. We recommend recessing the unit 4-6 inches into the physical pipe rather than the drain hub or housing. Recessing the unit assists with greater flow of liquids passing down the drain.

Yes, however, most bathtubs are manufactured with a drain plug that allows the user to control the drainage. We do not recommend replacing the drain plug with a Green Drain™.

Yes, the Green Drain™ replaces a traditional trap seal contributing numerous advantages:

  • Improves indoor air quality due to no sewer smell and gases.
  • Prevents wastewater penetration/backflow.
  • Self-cleaning and does not block the water flow.
  • No dry water seals and resists vacuum in the drainage system.
  • Decreases evaporation time within existing traps.

Yes, please revert to your local plumbing codes for acceptability.

Yes, Green Drain™ is NOT a traditional water trap and does not contain liquids.

  • It can be used in conjunction with Trap Primers or installed where Trap Primers are nonexistent. 
  • Check with your local jurisdiction for approvals to use Green Drain™ in lieu of water-fed Trap Primers.

Green Drain™ contains no liquids, and functions perfectly both horizontally and vertically.

The Green Drain™ consists of UV resistant ABS housing, a silicone rubber seal/membrane (1-way valve), and an outer gasket consisting of four flexible sealing flanges for easy installation and perfect fit.

No, Green Drain™ is not a backflow device, however, it can withstand up to 4 lbs. of pressure before the silicone valve inverts.

Plumbing regulations for Trap Seal Devices require the silicone valve to essentially fail or invert if the pressure within the pipe is greater than 4 lbs.

  • Green Drain™ provides a barrier of protection between the sewer and the application site. Used in the outlet connections of floor drain bodies, or the inside of floor drain strainers to seal the opening to prevent odors, sewer gases, and insects from entering up through the floor drain grate. The Green Drain’s four flexible silicone sealing ribs ensure easy installation into openings that have variations in size. The Green Drain will open to allow drainage and close when there is no water flow. This Inline Drain Trap can be used in either new construction or retrofit applications where trap primers were never installed. Order this one way drain valve online today.

We hope this FAQ clears up any questions you have about the incredible GREEN DRAIN™! Feel free to reach out if you have more questions. We’re always here to help!

The Last Drain You’ll Ever Need


From 25,750 Ratings
I Love Gadgets!
Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2023

I’ve tested several of these one-way drain valves. This one seems like the best one so far. Unfortunately, it’s not going to work for me because it slows the flow just enough that my water softener drains and floods with the valve. I don’t see this as a design flaw, just a reality. If I didn’t need such a high flow rate, this would have worked great just like the one I put on a different drain.

Works as Designed
Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2023

Received the GD drain two days after ordering it and promptly instlled it in the drain. It works as designed. We have no sewage drainage coming up and it still allows the AC condensation to drain.

Salvador Avila Perea
It Works!
Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2023

Happy with my purchase we’ve had it for about 3 weeks and so far no smell!! I wish I would’ve bought it sooner I live in a small space plumbing isn’t the best and the bathroom and bedroom are connected the smell coming out was.

Sjak van Lier
Works well
Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2023

Simple product that is easy to install and works well. No issues in the bathroom anymore. Not sure why it needs to be replaced every 6 months.

Easy to install and works great
Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2023

We have a floor drain in our basement that is prone to backing up and flooding. It drains our kitchen area and I think the horizontal pipe is maybe slightly flat so if the lines gets gunked up which seems to happen frequently we get a back up until I can go clear the line. The floor drain in our basement is also the drain for our sump pump and this allows water to pass through it while keeping backflow out of the basement. I can tell when the line gets clogged as our kitchen sinks will drain a bit slower and I can either auger it or put down some drain cleaner which will pass whatever is in there but we are no longer getting a back up into our basement which is great. It’s a bit expensive but worth the cost for the peace of mind.

“The Green Drain™ was very easy to install and has stopped all of the bad smells from coming up from the drain. We love it!”

Linda Anderson
Satisfied Customer

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