Biofilms In Drains Causing Antimicrobial Resistant Pathogens

Killing diseases in pipelines are nearly impossible. Pipes contain a biofilm that most harsh chemicals will not kill. If chemical claims to kill biofilm, it doesn’t have the contact time or mechanical action required in a vertical pipe to fully remove it. Since biofilm is prevalent, it protects pathogens from being destroyed. Complex pipelines have biofilm further down the pipe system which is impossible to treat. In a futile and expensive attempt to contain the spread, harsh chemicals are used, causing damage and major environmental risks, and creating a false sense of containment.

Evaporated p-traps link floor drains to the sewage system. The majority of floor drains are not used often and are unprotected exposing the entire pipe and sewer system’s gases and pathogens to people. The Green Drain is designed to create a protective barrier between the public and drainage systems. It’s an eco-friendly solution that conserves water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and protects the public from bacteria and viruses that use the drainage networks as a pathogen highway. Use a Floor Drain Trap Seal to protect against biofilm in pipes.


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